Kixott Photoshoots

After a whole 12 months without photographing, I’m starting again and will be in Mosta most of the days. If you would like to have photos of you, taken by me, get in touch. Light from windows at Kixott is crazy cool.
In return I just ask you to leave a small donation, which will go to the Kixott fund (our AC died beside other things), so we can open for public as soon as possible.
You will receive a series of digital black and white photos and can use them freely, and of course, I’m thinking at some point about making small exhibition with photographs from these sessions, here at Kixott, when we finally open.

Tomorrow, Friday, I’m here with the camera from 4pm, Saturday from 2pm, from Wednesday 15th too… will keep posting in this ‘blog’ regular updates, with photos if you agree.

Hope to see you here,

Ede Books (Kixott) location:

If door is closed, just ring the bell.
My mobile: 79827522
E-mail: [email protected]